Prititit! Prititit! Prititit!


My Sinulog morning started with a heavy Sinulog music from my neighbors. It was played probably a hundred times over the week. It’s a no surprise considering Sinulog is the grandest festival in the Philippines. Dubbed as the Mother of Festival here in the Philippines, Sinulog is a Cebuano word which means “like water current movement”; it designates the movement of the Sinulog dance in honor of Sto. Niño. Last Sunday, roughly 2 million people joined the Mardi gras and I was one of the 2 million people. Wow!

I headed to Fuente Osmeña which was the center of this Mardi gras where motorized vehicles are prohibited. Everybody was walking because the entry points heading to the venue were blocked for security reasons and I felt the heavy exhaustion already due to non-stop walking and the streets were jam-packed with people from all walks of life that were also celebrating Sinulog. Squeezing your way through the throng was extremely challenging.Without a doubt,I felt like going through a ninja obstacle course. However, on the bustling epicenter of the festival, I saw the flamboyant costumes, the jovial smiles of the performers; it was such a great display of what is Sinulog. I was in awe that all my tiredness just melted away. The people who witnessed this event had certainly had its money’s worth. The scene was waves of extravaganza costumes with the blaring Sinulog music and the performers gracefully executed the Sinulog dance. Such a parade it was.

So, after the looong day of endless walking, I found myself starving. Food is not a problem since there were food stalls everywhere. From nuts to corns to ice cream to pork barbecue to street food to grilled food, you name it. It’s all there. So, I ate to my heart’s content, hehe!

Finally, come night time, I was still walking from Fuente Osmeña to Ayala mall where I parked my motorbike, Phew! Just when I’m about to enter the parking lot area, there were fireworks! I was caught by surprise that it made me tripped. Well, that was a good way to cap off my Sinulog 2019.
My Sinulog 2019 was one for the books. For me, Sinulog is always memorable but this year is a little bit different. In some ways I could not express, it just made me feel daintier and I will always look forward for Sinulog. As they say, “You have never been to Cebu if you have not experienced Sinulog”. Prititit! Prititit! Prititit!


2 Replies to “Prititit! Prititit! Prititit!”

  1. I was amazed with people’s strong faith in God in th Philippines! During the festival so many people might attend the mass.
    It is really enjoyable to see beautiful pictures here!!!